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  1. Visitors vehicles are restricted to the parking area.
  2. Smoking is restricted to designated areas.
  3. Drugs are strictly prohibited on the farm.
  4. Pets are not permitted on the farm.
  5. We strongly recommend not to swim in the lake as many have spotted inland crocodiles in the past.
  6. Keep the noise or music down after 7 pm. Polam is also a home for many local species of birds & animals.
  7. Do not pluck any flowers, fruits or plants on the farm without consent.
  8. Please keep our farm clean and use the trash cans provided.
  9. Please be patient and courteous with all the members of the farm.
  10. Polam is not liable for any personal injury or property loss.
  11. We offer only vegetarian food which is made from the produce on the farm.
  12. We offer only farm grown herbal teas and jaggery. Please bring your own coffee/tea/sugar if required.