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Polam team is happy and willing to help you design your:

Balcony / Kitchen garden

Terrace garden


Any other Landscape Design

Permaculture Consultancy

One complete session at the site where you will be given useful insights and ideas on how to create your own vegetable garden/farm based on your needs,budget, soil conditions, water supply, wind directions, rainfall patterns, amount of sunlight, etc.
Consultancy fee: Rs.2000/session

Permaculture Consultancy
Permaculture Design

You will receive complete design plans with list of plants, information about material sourcing and full reports for implementation, maintenance and establishment.
Design fee: Rs.5,000 to Rs.20,000 (depends on the scale of the project)

Design & Implementation

You will receive all the design deliverables. Also we will support you with sourcing materials, setting up physical structures & soil beds, seed sowing and composting. We will ensure your garden is up and running with in the discussed period of time.
Implementation fee: Depends on the design, cost of materials/resources & scale of the project
  • Urban Garden: to grow your own fresh organic greens & vegetables in your kitchen / balcony / backyard / front yard / terrace.
  • Farm: to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers and/or timber trees.

Note : Permaculture is a way of natural farming and we do not encourage the use of pesticides or fertilizers.



Supriya Gaddam: Certified Permaculture Designer & Teacher
Tripthi Gaddam: Certified Permaculture Designer & Teacher


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